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What we're all about:

We are not a Daily Deal

In many ways, a daily deal is really a shot in the dark. Whoever is offering the deal has no idea who you are, what you want, or what your budget is. Offers from OffersBy.Me are much more intelligent, in that we let you tell us all of these things, and then find offers from local businesses that match your criteria. That way, we don't waste your time with deals that aren't relevant to you.

Offers vs. Deals

Daily deals aren’t really saving you money, because you’re still spending money on something that’s not really necessary. Whereas offers save you money on things that are already on your to-do list. That’s real savings. See the difference?

Patience Please

We think we’ve got some great offers for you on our site. But we’ve still got some growing to do, so don’t delete us off your phone if we don’t have a perfect match for everything you want to do yet. Your support helps us get more merchants involved, which means more offers for you! Keep checking back as we have new participating businesses and offers everyday.

Suggestions Welcomed and Encouraged

Tell us what we’re missing out on! If you’ve got a favorite place (or even just a so-so place), tell us about it and we’ll take it from there. If they sign up with us, you’ll get $10 off your next offer!